Play Matta is manufactured to ensure playground operators meet most relevant international standards. Not only does this ensure our customers recieve a functional and high performance product, they will recieve surfacing compliant with recognised safety standards.

Critical Fall Height - REQUIRED by the many Safety Standards Operating Globally

While fractures and broken bones tend to heal, the long-term ramifications of a serious head injury can prove to be devastating. Initially developed by automotive crash testing engineers, the playground surfacing impact test procedure, and compliance criteria, help predict and reduce head injuries on the playground. Just as you would buckle your child up in the car, or ensure a bike helmet is worn while riding, compliant playground surfacing is a fundamental component in minimising the risk of serious injury to playground users.

For playground surfacing, the prescribed testing regime consists of a series of impact measurements conducted by dropping an instrumented headform from the maximum accessible height of the playground equipment. Using accelerometers positioned in the equipment, the impact of the headform provides an accurate measure of the time/acceleration trace. This is expressed in two measurements, HIC & Peak.

Disabled Access - REQUIRED by the many Safety Standards Operating Globally

People who have difficulty walking or maintaining balance or who use mobility devices – like children learning to walk or with disabilities – require ease of access. For such people, a rigid, stable and regular surface is best for walking, playing and propelling wheelchairs. Play Matta™ Surfacing Systems have been tested and comply with the demanding ASTM and ADA Accessibility Standards out of the United States.

Slip Resistance - REQUIRED by the many Safety Standards Operating Globally

Most International Standards aim to ensure that playground surfaces are not too slick, resulting in slips and falls. Play Matta™ surfacing complies with all applicable New Zealand, Australian, European and US Standards relating to slip resistance.

Slip Resistance Test Report Play Matta Original Tile

Fire Resistance - REQUIRED by the Many Safety Standards Operating Globally

Play Matta™ has been tested and complies using the methods recommended in a wide range of Standards, regarding ease of ignition, for NZ and with the more stringent ASTM Standard (in force in the USA). In one informal test a school official attempted to set fire to a Play Matta™ playground with a gas welder. The surface was scorched but failed to ignite. If a fire is set on a Play Matta™ playground the surfacing will self extinguish once the combustible material is exhausted, unlike wood or rubber based surfacing which continues to burn.

Examples of Play Matta resiliance in Playgrounds destroyed by fire.

Self Extinguish PM Self Extinguish PM


Resistance to Abrasive Wear - REQUIRED by the many Safety Standards Operating Globally

The Standard aims to ensure that playground surfacing is durable. The abrasive wear tests involve an accelerated ageing process using an abrasion machine, and the indentation test uses a steel indentor under a test load. The playground surfacing should recover without exhibiting cracking, splitting or perforation. Play Matta™ more than complies with all the requirements.