What is the age life cycle of the PlayMatta system?

A well-installed playground (this requires a Play Matta Certified Installer or a Playbases Certified Installer) that is welded at every seam (standard practice) will last for 10+ years. The tiles can be lifted and relayed when the playground has a refit, and re-warranted, even if it is outside the warranty. The only situation that causes the tiles to suffer significant wear is when sand is tracked onto the playground and not swept off. The abrasive action of the sand under children’s feet eventually smoothes off the texture on the surface of the mat, but does not cause the mat to break up.

How much maintenance is there?

The Play Matta system is very low maintenance while Woodchips do require regular raking and annual top ups.Read our Cleaning & Maintenance Guide. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What graffiti cleaners can be used on Play Matta tiles?

The standard graffiti cleaners available at Home Depot are effective and these won’t damage the tiles. For super stubborn stains the solvent methyl ethyl ketone is effective. This is the active ingredient in Matta Res-Q. It should be used sparingly and washed off the mats.

Can we get documents to prove we meet fall height requirements?

Yes, a certificate of Compliance can be supplied on request when the installation is complete. The certificatation is backed by independent testing and Play Matta complies with all applicable sections of the USA, Australian, New Zealand and UK Playground Safety Standards.

ASTM F1292, AS 4422:2016, AS 4685.1:2014, NZS 5828:2015,   BS EN 1177:2018

Can the matting systems be moved and re-used at another site?

The interlocking, modular nature of the mats allows for them to be lifted and re-laid on a new site. If the mats have been cut to accommodate posts you will need to purchase a few replacement mats – any discarded mats can be recycled. Some of the shock pads may be damaged in the lifting process and require replacement.