Manufacturing Play Matta™

Departing from all existing playground surfacing solutions Matta Products pioneered a new manufacturing process and began producing the Play Matta™ range in 1992 at its plant in Otaki, New Zealand. With strong roots in recycling Matta Products has perfected the technique of turning waste rubber and PVC into a two-layered playground surfacing system consisting of impact absorbing rubber shock pads overlaid by durable and attractive modular tiles.

The rubber buffings for the underlying shock pads are sourced from truck tyre re-treading operations. The buffings are graded, mixed with binder, and ‘baked’ in a purpose-built oven. Nothing is wasted. The fine material is used in other playground surfacing products, or on-sold, mainly for use in road construction. Every batch of shock pads is tested for its fall height attenuation performance and ability to comply with the fall height provisions of the US playground surfacing standards, which have the strictest requirements in the world.