Environmental Choice

To Matta Products recycling is not just a ‘good idea’, it is the lifeblood of the company. Matta Products was founded on the premise that non-renewable resources can and should be re-used and our mission is to turn waste plastics into a range of safety surfacing for playgrounds and industrial applications. And these products can be recycled in their turn. Our Play Matta Original range holds Environmental Choice New Zealand certification.

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Research and Development

We continue to make significant investment in research and development, addressing the many issues associated with sourcing, processing and utilising recycled materials. One such issue is the possibility that the recycled raw material may contain harmful substances. In sourcing raw materials, and as part of the daily manufacturing process, we do rigorous testing to ensure that such substances are either absent altogether, or are in a form that results in Play Matta™ being as safe as any common household product children have contact with.

Matta Products is determined to continue using recycled materials and our team of scientific experts has contributed significantly to the growing body of knowledge around their safe use.